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Please feel free to contact us, M-F between the hours of 9am-6pm. We are here to make sure you are satisfied with every part of our business. We take pride in knowing that you're taking our products to all tropical corners of the world. 


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The island environment is one that requires no search for connection to Nature; it overtakes you, and that feeling is what we call being "Tropically Impaired".   It is far removed from the rat race of concrete and cars.  It is a mindful practice, that is inspired by the sense of love, community, adventure, and freedom in island cultures throughout the world.  It is in the music, food, and people.  We believe in the science of feeling good, which is generated from heart-centric positive vibrations and the energy that surrounds us.

Our mission here at Tropically Impaired is to provide the world’s finest products that have been specifically developed and designed for  tropical environments.  We believe in living life with sandy feet and salty skin. The products that we offer are our way to bring the tropical experience and feeling straight to you!

Our Tropically Impaired Crew led by Travis Suit and Joseph McLaughlin is a cast of crazy characters from all walks of sub-tropical life. We take pride in our way of being and would like to share it with those who feel the same.  Join us on our adventures! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or attend one of our many events that we host and support throughout the year!


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